Health, Safety & Environment Policy

PROFAB employees shall recognize that Health, Safety, Environment and Community responsibilities is an integral part of his business.

We shall prevent harm to people, environment and community around us by:

  • Developing management structure and procedures for implementation at all our workplaces and continuous improvement through regular monitoring.
  • Fully abiding by applicable government legislation and regulations.
  • Creating awareness amongst all the employees, through a comprehensive programme, facilitated by H.S.E. department, implemented by respective site and office management.
  • Ensuring that every leader of an operation, whether in the field or office, is directly responsible for the judicious enforcement of an organized programme up-holding this HSE policy.
  • Making line managers, supervisors and lead technicians accountable for HSE management effort towards elimination of causes that might lead to harm people, environment and community.
  • Ensuring that the management systems of our sub contractors and vendors are compatible with our own commitment to HSE.
  • Participating in hazard identification, risk assessment and eliminating potential threats to HSE.
  • Providing training and encouraging behavior that upholds this policy.